4 DIY Fabric Softeners

4 DIY Fabric Softeners


Everybody likes the feeling of having his/her clothes to be soft-touching, even after it was washed on the machine. However, there are times when your sheets are still not as soft as you have expected them to be even after you have used plenty of a fabric conditioner that you brought from the store. If this happens, you can try the following DIY fabric softeners that can really provide your expected rresults:

  1. Rosemary and mint fabric softener

You can whip up this fabric softener in just a few minutes. As a matter of fact, you can create this DIY fabric softeners quicker compared to having your car out or go for a walk to a store in order to buy one.  The subtle scent that it offers is soothing and lovely.

Ingredients: 6 cups of water, 3 cups of vinegar (mini bottle of rosemary and mint, apple cider, lemon juice), or mint/rosemary conditioner or both mint and rosemary conditioners.

Here’s how to do it:

In 4 cups of water, mix a few amounts of rosemary and mint by boiling the ingredients. You need to completely drain this mixture or else you may have stains on the clothes. If you happen to use hair conditioner then you can add two cups of conditioner to white vinegar and mix them. Meanwhile, you have to mix the essential oils with vinegar if ever you use such oils. Also, you have to be cautious not to shake it as you mix since there is a tendency that it will foam.

How to use:

You just have to use 2 tablespoons every wash and utilize it similar to any fabric conditioner.

  1. Wool dryer balls softener

This is one of the easiest means of softening your laundry. You can also add a few scents to it with your most liked essential oil. You can create as many sweet and colorful-smelling woolen dryer balls as you want, but you need to notice that the color doesn’t run. In order for you to avoid this, you can either utilize white woolen balls, or you can run them through your washer separately if you wish to utilize the colored ones. This will indicate whether the color would run or not.

  1. Baking soda softener

This type of fabric conditioner is amazingly easy and convenient. This is all great for those who are suffering from sensitive skin, while it helps in balancing the laundry’s pH levels.

Ingrredient: Water, baking soda

How to do it:

You simply add 1 cup (250 ml) of baking soda to 2 cups (500 ml) of hot water and you are good to go.

  1. White vinegar fabric conditioner

If you don’t care too much about the scented clothes, then distilled and white vinegar is all you need. Vinegar is something that the majority of us have at home. Surprisingly, you can also use vinegars to soften your clothes apart from their usual usage.

Ingredients: ½ cup distilled and white vinegar and or resealable container/essential oil.

The Advantages of Bringing Natural Foliage in Your House

The Advantages of Bringing Natural Foliage in Your House


The famous NASA experiment, as well as many studies, discovered that indoor plants provide a lot of health benefits, and can also improve your house’s overall charm. If you’re undecided or unsure where to situate your plants, it might be best if you hire a professional or an expert to help you maximize the benefits that come along with it.

Below are some of the benefits that you can acquire when you incorporate some natural foliage in your house.

Purifies the Air

Research conducted by NASA found that natural plants can eradicate a huge number of toxins in the air in just a day. This includes harmful chemicals that can be found in inks, solvents and paints, household cleaners and other items and compounds. Plants naturally trap these toxins, breaks them down and releases them as harmless byproducts.

Reduces Illness

Naturally, plants can increase the humidity; thus, having them indoors can repel the risks of acquiring illnesses that are more hostile especially in the drier months. Dangers to flu, sore throat, colds, and dry skin are reduced, which makes your home a safer and healthier space to live in.

Enhances Mood and Improves Productivity

Since plants also provide charm and color to your home, they are also proven to improve people’s mood and productivity for they can make people happier. Having plants in your space of work or comfort can allow you to have boosted levels of mental performance, memory, and focus.

Increased Levels of Oxygen

Whenever we breathe, we take in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. On the other hand, plants absorb the carbon dioxide that we release and turn them into oxygen for out consumption. With that being said, having plants in the comfort of your own home will provide you increase oxygen levels because of their natural more oxygen can also help you have increased energy levels and improved cognitive abilities.

Natural foliage like succulents and orchids are suitable in the bedroom for better sleep. This is because of plants’ natural mechanism where they absorb carbon dioxide at night and release oxygen after dark, unlike other plants where they do the opposite.

How to Arrange a Comfortable Guest Room


Your guest room is probably unprepared to host overnight visitors that’s why you’re preventing yourself from having any. No matter what your reason may be, it’s time for you to give your guest room a make-over and some improvements.

Here are some tips that will come in handy when it comes to catering to your visitor’s comfortability and necessities.

Proper and Decent Bed

The best way to accommodate your guests and make them feel comfortable is to provide them with a decent and proper bed to rest in. Usually, people assume that a couch or an inflatable couch would suffice, but in reality, it is very inconvenient and uncomfortable to sleep in.

There are comfortable beds and mattresses available in the market today that is not only convenient for your visitor but to you as well for they can deliver it straight to your home, saving you the hassle of transferring large furniture from the store to your home.


Now that you have provided your guests a decent bed, you need now to proceed in giving them proper linens. Guests usually get uncomfortable and disheartened at your service whenever they experience linens that are mismatched, scratchy, and uncomfortable. It might be best if you invest in linen for your guests, and make sure that you acquire the comfortable and inviting ones. Aside from that, it is also essential that you also have to provide duvets or blankets.


Like your bedroom, it would also be great if you add some decorations and art in your guest room. With it, you will be able to make your guest room appear to be inviting and homey, making your guests feel comfortable as though they are at home. Items such as throw pillows, artworks, and a mirror are among the most common decorations that you can incorporate to your guest room.

Storage Space

To ensure that you will be able to cater to your visitor’s needs and convenient, it might be better if you provide the room with enough storage space. This way, they will have the chance to have their things properly organized and not clumped up in one corner whenever they need to stay for more than a night.

Follow the tips mentioned above, and you will surely be able to provide your visitors with an excellent stay at your place.

Does Arctic Tourism Pose a Threat to The Environment?

Does Arctic Tourism Pose a Threat to The Environment?


With today’s status, sea ice is decreasing day by day because of weather changes. On the other hand, the Arctic Circle turning into a tourist destination instead of just a place to explore. People, tourists, and explorers who venture to the Arctic Circle had either fallen into an unfortunate death or come back with mental problems. However, the situation as we know is changing.

Here are the reasons how Arctic tourism poses a threat to the environment.

Arctic Tourism and Its Dangers to The Environment

A report done by the Ice Data Center and National Snow shows that in December 2017, sea ice covered smaller area if compared during 1981-2010, which emphasizes the Arctic ice’s rapid melting rate.

A few Nordic countries and Greenland have taken actions regarding Arctic tourism. Reports say that in 1999, thousands of passengers just passed Iceland; however, in 2016, about 250,000 tourists visit the country every year.

 A threat of Oils Leaks and Spills

The Arctic Circle has always been subject to weather conditions which makes it hard for tourists and seafarers to travel, based on studies. Due to their location, navigational and communication systems also fail to function. With that being said, if there is an unfortunate event of an oil spill or leakage, the area would most likely become threatened knowing that proper communication is absent.

With the increasing tourism activities taking place in the Arctic Circle, experts say that the oil spill is highly possible, which would do a massive to the environment.

Increasing Cruise Ships and Holidays

To make bigger and improved profits, the cruising industry keeps on growing the number and size of their business. Many companies carry out cruise trips, hosting a massive amount of both crew and guests. With this, it is vital that these companies follow and heed extra caution and safety measure for them to be equipped with the extreme weather conditions of the Arctic.

The International Maritime Organization has introduced the Polar Code in 2016 to make sure that cruise operators are capable and equipped in maintaining safety for both of their crew and guests.

Through this, people who desire to witness beautiful sights and various species can experience it without putting their lives on the line.

6 Locations to Witness the Northern Lights

6 Locations to Witness the Northern Lights


Also called as Aurora Borealis, these beautiful lights can be on the northern and southern hemisphere’s magnetic poles. These bright light appear whenever electrically charged particles from the sun enter our planet’s atmosphere and collide.

Here are the top locations where you can see their wonder:


Though a trip to northern Canada can be expensive, the northern lights, however, can make up for the costs. In this place, you will have the chance to see the dancing lights in the major parts of the country. You can choose which best place to have the best views using a map that shows Aurora locations.


Svalbard, located in Norway, is a place that is at a higher altitude, which means that Northern lights can be seen better. The perfect time to pay this place a visit is between mid-November and at the end of January for they will not experience daylight.


In Iceland, a place called “Reykjavik” is highly popular because of its reputation for giving a great view of the Northern lights. Aside from the fact that this place can provide an excellent viewing location for Northern lights, they also have other attractions such as geysers and volcanoes, and the blue ice.


You can have a great viewing experience at the Northern light in Kakslauttanen, Finland. Resorts can give you an opportunity to view them from the glass igloo, farms that offer night treks using buses and snowmobiles, and some expeditions.


In Sweden, a village called Jukkasjärvi is one of the best locations to experience viewing the Northern lights. They also host the world’s first ice hotel. Aside from that, Björkliden in Sweden is also among the best places to see the Northern lights for the area is situated where the surrounding mountain range cast a shadow which makes it suitable for aurora viewing.


For you to have enough chances to see Aurora Borealis, you should visit Ireland. This country is one of the best places where you can see the most beautiful displays of Aurora Borealis. Aside from that, you can also spot the lights even far South. The North and West coasts of Ireland also do not have light pollution, which gives you the chance to see the Northern lights clearer and better.


Advantages Painting House Before Moving

Advantages Painting House Before Moving


There are many benefits whenever you decide to paint a home before you move to another. Whatever your reason for moving out may be, there is a boon that comes with leaving your former home fresh and new for the next person or family to come.

Below is a list of advantages that’s inherent whenever you decide to paint the interior and the exterior of your house before moving.

Interior Painting:

Before Moving and Selling Your Home

  1. Painting your home before moving to put it up for selling is one of the best and inexpensive ways to increase the value of your home. Potential buyers will have the impression that your house is well taken care of, and is ready for a new homeowner.
  2. Supplemental to the first advantage, painting your home makes you save more costs than what it seems. When everything looks like in its pristine and fresh condition, your buyer will most likely not ask for a lower price, and if they do and you give them a lesser price, you will still have the upper hand.

Before Moving and Buying a New Home

  1. Ideally, it is much easier if you paint before you move your things in your new home because it is naturally more convenient to paint in an open space without having to be too cautious about having paint on surfaces where you don’t want them.
  2. You can personalize your new home according to your taste and preferences. Hiring an interior decorator can help you in choosing a good color scheme up to which furniture to choose for your home. Through this, you will have the chance to have a house that provides you the chance to customize your home just the way you like it.

Exterior Painting:

Before Moving and Selling Your Home

  1. If you desire to have your home sold as quickly as possible, then painting the exterior will give you that satisfaction. Clients are more likely to do a deal whenever they are thoroughly impressed with how attractive the exterior is just like what’s in the interior.
  2. Aside from impressing your buyers, it also adds up to the neighborhood average values.

Before Moving and Buying A Home

  1. Designing and making your home the way you want and prefer it is one of the best things that you can give yourself as a reward aside from buying yourself a brand new home. There is nothing else more relaxing and comforting than the feeling of going home to a place where everything is done to your needs and preferences.
  2. This might also be your time to contact your painting contractor and request for an efficient and well-done service of an exterior paint job. This way, you can be assured that the paint job that you will have is well-done and expertly finished since they are the experts in helping you achieve your desired color scheme with considerations about protecting the quality of your exterior paint from harsh climates and UV. Aside from that, you can be assured that every product that they apply to whatever surface on your exterior is compatible and not harmful to protect the value of your home.
Tips on How to Make Your Dog Hiking Exciting

Tips on How to Make Your Dog Hiking Exciting


The saying “a dog is a man’s best friend” is something that almost everyone has heard, and most of them will say that it is true. Most dog owners tend and want to do things together with their four-legged companion, and one of them is hiking together.

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to have the best hiking trip with your dog:

1) Keep your dog on a leash.

Normally, nobody wants their pet to get lost outdoors, that’s why keeping your dog on a leash should be one of your top priorities. This way, you can make sure that you still have them under your supervision, and have them at your bay in case they try to chase a squirrel.

2) Fresh Water and Collapsible Bowl

Your dog will most likely get thirsty and tired during your hike. Instead of making them drink sloppily from a water bottle, it might be best that you bring with you a collapsible bowl that can fit in your backpack and some drinking water to refresh their energy whenever they get thirsty.

3) Snacks for You and Your Dog

Naturally, hiking is a physical activity that might be challenging for you and your dog. With that being said, it might be best if you bring with you some snacks that you and your dog can consume whenever you need more energy to function better when hiking. Keep in might that you should be careful when choosing which treats to give your dog to avoid any issues.

4) Backpack for Your Dog

If you can wear backpacks, then so can your dogs. Not only that it comes conveniently for it can lessen your load, but it can also be fun for them to have little extra weight because of items such as snacks, water, and bowl. However, you should still be considerate of the amount of weight that you make them carry not to put too much pressure on their backs.

5) First Aid Kit

Unexpected and unfortunate accidents and emergencies can happen whenever you are hiking that’s why it might be best if you are prepared, and one of the best ways to do this is to have a first aid kit with you whenever you and your dog hit the outdoors. Items such as antibiotic ointment, alcohol, bandages are among the essential items that you should carry.

6) Check the Weather Condition

Before you decide to go on a hiking trip with your dog, you have to make sure that the weather is also suitable for your pet. Check if it’s not too hot outside or if the humidity is not that aggravating. Aside from that, going out whenever it’s too cold or if it’s raining.

7) Steer Away From Wild Animals

It would be completely irresponsible if you bring your dog in contact with wild animals. Make sure that your hiking route is away from animals such as snakes, bears, or even scorpions. Aside from that, you are also vulnerable and can be potentially harmed whenever close to wild animals.

Hotels with the Best Fitness Centers


The one thing about traveling is discovering some good hotels with good health centers. While it does not matter very much to me since I can work out anywhere, having a pleasant spot to work out might be essential for numerous others especially when you have a personal trainer in palm beach gardens who keeps tabs on you. I am visiting list a few to top locations in the Country in which you are able to incorporate excellent exercise in facilities that provide state of the art equipment.

Best Hotels with Gyms

1. The Houstonian Hotel has among the best health services anywhere. Recognized as the Club it boasts 125,000 square feet of instruction space. Which consists of an indoor track, a boxing ring, and rock climbing wall. You can also get massages and facials after that at their spa. There’s a lot more going than I pointed out below. Did I forget to talk about the indoor swimming pool?

2. The Venetian in Las Vegas has a 12,000 sq. ft. center referred to as the Canyon Ranch SpaClub. It’s nutritionists, a rock and personal trainers climbing wall that is 40 feet tall. Check it out if you see Las Vegas.

3. The 4 Seasons in San Francisco has a Sports Club/LA exercise facility that is 127,000 sq. ft. in size. Several of which consists of a Jr. Olympic Pool, nutritionists, life coaches, along with a boxing ring. It’s situated in downtown San Francisco.

4. Sheraton Hotels has something just for the active traveler that likes exercising – Core Performance health centers. Located at different locations anywhere you discover a Sheraton, Core Performance is exactly what the title implies – focused on total body training and core. It is effective and quick (the way I love it). They’ll actually enable you to get started using a “Gym-in-a-Bag” room service.

5. The Embassy Suites in Chicago comes with a top-notch health facility which contains an indoor pool. Additionally you get a view because the resort can be found on the waterfront.

There are numerous hotels which have places that are great for fitness. Once again, you do not require a fitness center to work out in. For many individuals, it’s possible and offers several amenities that you do not get when you practice alone. Check them out along with others okay? I am hoping offer hotels that have numerous outdoors activities where you are able to get some good exercise. That is my cup of tea anyway. In case you do not possess the cash for the above-mentioned hotels, then it is alright to do training inside your bedroom. You may actually need to run the stairs. It practically all matters.

Traveling to Detroit Michigan


Michigan is among the most unappreciated getaway areas in the United States. When folks bring to mind the state of Michigan, they will think of Detroit, although the Tigers and Lions are wonderful explanations why you ought to go to the Great Lakes state. Detroit is just the tip of the iceberg for Michigan. The eleventh biggest state of the union, Michigan has a wide variety of hotspots, from quaint small villages to large metropolis towns to several of the most effective out-of-doors areas you will find almost anywhere within the country. The truth is that Michigan is among the main destinations for anyone that enjoys trekking, mining, camping, cycling, fishing or possibly hunting. Consider using a travel agency in detroit to get the most out of your vacation.

You can find information about the very best getaway options that Michigan can offer you merely by either searching online or by grabbing an invaluable Michigan travel guide obtainable over the mail or perhaps at the local travel agency of yours.

Michigan is situated in the north-central United States, and hence, is a preferred area for tourists searching for comfort. Truth be told, it is beside among the most widely used tourist areas for Canadian residents also since. Generally, there are nine international crossings, which connect Ontario with Michigan. Several leading American freeways, and Amtrak rail service, with many stops inside the state, link Michigan.

For anybody looking to fly to Michigan, Detroit provides among the largest airports in the nation the Detroit Metro Wayne County Airport, which manages almost thirty-one million travelers per year. Besides the Detroit Metro, you will find over a dozen more commercial airports that dot the Michigan landscape. For more info on transportation options, you need to grab probably the newest Michigan travel guide.

Like many American states within the Midwest, the seasons in Michigan are distinctly defined. Thus you are going to experience warm summers, cool, clean falls, cold winters along with a warmer spring. Along with being ready to swim throughout the summer and cross-country ski in winter months, Michigan is a fantastic spot to find out the trees turning throughout the autumn and watch the greens returning once more in the first spring.

Visiting the state in different seasons will give you with specific tourism opportunities. In the summertime, you might invest period at the Great Lakes together with the family members. While in the winter season, a wintry ski resort cabin rental in the woods will definitely enable you to feel like the contemporary world is a thousand miles away. Check a Michigan travel guide to find out much more.

Among the biggest ways to find out more about a state that you are thinking about is by looking at travel guide for states like Michigan. While you may like a web search or even talking with your family about their travel experiences. There is just no better means of getting the major details of the place you are going other than guides and web search. This will help you create an excellent, educated choice on the place you ought to visit, in which to eat as well as accommodations than with a traveling guidebook.

Assuming you have got an interest in going to Michigan for enjoyment and want much more information about places you have to look at and places to keep while doing so, you can get everything in the most recent Michigan travel guide. To obtain one, see the nearby travel agency of yours or even buy online at no cost home delivery.

How Does Hotel Star Rating Work?

How Does Hotel Star Rating Work?


Hotel ratings have always baffled us. We are never sure as to how a hotel star rating, nor are we aware of the factors that are included in rating a hotel. As of now, we know that rating that is given for a hotel depends on the facilities that a hotel can provide to the clients. Most of us even today believe that 5 is the maximum star rating that hotels can get, which is not true star rating exceed that point. So, here are some of the things that you have to know when it comes to rating a hotel.

Standardised rating:

Even today, while we have reached globalisation in a lot of factors, we still haven’t reached a standard as to how hotels have to be rated. The global countries follow different rating systems. A hotel that is ranked at three-star rating might have a two-star rating in one place and four at a different place. So, this is one of the biggest problems with the rating in the modern times. However, recently there are steps taken to bring a globalised rating system.

If you how CRAs work:

CRAs mean the Credit Rating agencies that are functions across the globe. The CRAs work to rate the financial trustworthiness of an individual, hotels, companies etc. There is a particular ranking system that these credit rating organisations practice. That is the same pattern that the hotel ranking systems follow. There are also AAA and AA rating and based on that star ranking is given to a hotel.

Facilities in a hotel:

The rating factors always focus on the facilities and goodwill of an organisation. The facilities that are provided in a hotel and divided into five layers and a star for each rating. Passing this as a measure the hotels are rated. The locations nearby, the tourist attraction a place enjoys are also some of the factors that are taken into count while rating a hotel.


It is also a known factor that affordability of a person decreases as the hotel rating goes up. It is also stated that there are only 26 hotels in the world that can be called as star hotels as per a recent survey. Then imagine the kind of luxury and the facility that people who stay there. So, when it comes to rating, there also a goes a price along with that, and that is the reason as to why affordability becomes as a question mark for a common man in taking an accommodation at a star hotel.

What to remember when choosing a star hotel:

Here are some of the factors that you have to remember if you are choosing to stay in a five-star hotel. Remembering this one thing will help you save a lot. Look at the list of factors or the facilities that are available with the hotel. Make sure that those are the facilities that you will make use of or better avoid such a package. This way you are expending on something that you wouldn’t use and save money as well. Know More