Hotel ratings have always baffled us. We are never sure as to how a hotel star rating, nor are we aware of the factors that are included in rating a hotel. As of now, we know that rating that is given for a hotel depends on the facilities that a hotel can provide to the clients. Most of us even today believe that 5 is the maximum star rating that hotels can get, which is not true star rating exceed that point. So, here are some of the things that you have to know when it comes to rating a hotel.

Standardised rating:

Even today, while we have reached globalisation in a lot of factors, we still haven’t reached a standard as to how hotels have to be rated. The global countries follow different rating systems. A hotel that is ranked at three-star rating might have a two-star rating in one place and four at a different place. So, this is one of the biggest problems with the rating in the modern times. However, recently there are steps taken to bring a globalised rating system.

If you how CRAs work:

CRAs mean the Credit Rating agencies that are functions across the globe. The CRAs work to rate the financial trustworthiness of an individual, hotels, companies etc. There is a particular ranking system that these credit rating organisations practice. That is the same pattern that the hotel ranking systems follow. There are also AAA and AA rating and based on that star ranking is given to a hotel.

Facilities in a hotel:

The rating factors always focus on the facilities and goodwill of an organisation. The facilities that are provided in a hotel and divided into five layers and a star for each rating. Passing this as a measure the hotels are rated. The locations nearby, the tourist attraction a place enjoys are also some of the factors that are taken into count while rating a hotel.


It is also a known factor that affordability of a person decreases as the hotel rating goes up. It is also stated that there are only 26 hotels in the world that can be called as star hotels as per a recent survey. Then imagine the kind of luxury and the facility that people who stay there. So, when it comes to rating, there also a goes a price along with that, and that is the reason as to why affordability becomes as a question mark for a common man in taking an accommodation at a star hotel.

What to remember when choosing a star hotel:

Here are some of the factors that you have to remember if you are choosing to stay in a five-star hotel. Remembering this one thing will help you save a lot. Look at the list of factors or the facilities that are available with the hotel. Make sure that those are the facilities that you will make use of or better avoid such a package. This way you are expending on something that you wouldn’t use and save money as well. Know More