This article is all about an introduction and guide in terms of hiking tips for beginners. If you are a one of the beginners in hiking, in order for you to enjoy and experience nature for yourself, then just continue reading this article to know more about the tips.

  1. Communication

Before you go anywhere alone or even with a group, the first thing that you have to do is to let somebody know where you will be going. Moreover, you should plan getting a way to communicate with the world as soon as you reach there. If it is possible, that means that you take with you a cellphone or other ways to communicating with you. Whatever will aid others to know as to where you are would be your great help in case an emergency will come in the way.

  1. Begin slowly

If you have never been into hiking before, do not overdo it. The greatest place to go that’s suitable for beginners would be small nature parks. These types of parks are best for them because it is quite small and it does not have too much area that the majority of people can walk to the end and back. Keep in mind that you also do not need to walk rapidly. You can look around and take your time as you do the activity. Also, you can take a better look at a few features or things that you may find interesting along the way.

  1. Utilize a compass

A compass is one of the most important tools in hiking. It can tell you the direction that you’re going. In some cases, you can buy an affordable compass for as cheap as $2 or maybe cheaper. That is all that’s needed in some circumstances. A compass can help you find your way around if you happen to be in a very confusing area. Even if you believe that you know where you are going, sometimes, it is easy to get turned around once there are a lot of various trails.

  1. Stay on the path

This is vital for any newbie. You will never know what you may come across once you step even some inches off a hiking path. There are different types of possible hazards. For instance, you may see some snakes in nature parks, which are usually in urban areas. You almost can’t see a snake until it shows right in front of you.

  1. Never feed the animals.

The majority of places will have sign boards that will caution you not to feed the animals that you might encounter. You may see that animal as a cute and vulnerable one that you can make friends with, but take note that it’s a wild animal. In addition, what will happen if an animal will mostly rely on food from humans? There is a chance that they might forget how to acquire or catch their own food. In the end, it may lead them to starve to death just because you thought that you are helping them through giving them that food.

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