Eco-tourism is a branch of tourism that is primarily made in a way that it will leave at least minimum or no effect on the surroundings at all. It provides an opportunity to people to stay and come close to nature as you guarantee it in no way harms in the destination of that ecosystem. For a nature lover and an eco-conscious person especially eco-tourism destinations are way beyond just a tourist destination. If you belong to this bandwagon as well, here are some of the places that you can consider, which very well-known eco-tourism destinations are:


Palau is known as one of the world’s famous destinations for diving. This place is an island nation that will make it to several lists of eco-tourism destinations. You can discover its virgin beaches and forests. In terms of its underwater world, the water looks very enchanting and crystal clear and about 500 various types of coral and 1400 types of fish will wait upon your arrival beneath it. Palau’s remote location and the local’s strict rules that has managed to maintain clean surroundings.

Koh Cong, Cambodia

One of the most famous ecotourism places that has a lot of destinations that are still untouched by the modern world is Cambodia. One particular place us known as the Koh Kong village that looks to have no influence and contact of the out of the tourism industry and a few famous accommodations have come up that you can go there and have fun staying comfortably. Throughout your stay, you can also discover the virgin rain forest and notice the presence of endangered animal types such as Asian elephants and tigers.

Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia

If you want an eco-trip loaded with exciting features and fun-filled activities, you can consider visiting the Taman Negara National Park. This park has many aspects that can satisfy your thirst for adventure and time. You can see a lot of animals in this oldest tropical rainforest such as Malayan Tiger and Sumatran Rhinoceros. The canopy walk is also one of the things that make this destination so famous. In fact, this canopy walk is the longest canopy walk all over the globe.

Galapagos Island

Altogether, this island seems to be an alien area due to its very special surroundings. Eco-tourism was kept away from the island for a long time due to the fear that it can possibly degrade the value and beauty of the island.


Norway is very proud of its eco-tourism since the people follow to keep the eco-system maintained. This is all because of the help of the guidelines and strict policies. The people from Norway love being out in nature and everyone happens to be eco conscious. They believe that saving the ecosystem and their environment is their responsibility. This is why Norway is such a clean and pristine destination. You can go biking, hiking or just sit back, watch eagles, seabirds and seals in their natural habitat.

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